So here are the ‘Geeky’ bits, technical and in-depth finer points of what we can offer.

This is where it all starts and we add;

Gas rings Camping Cooker T5 Camper Converstion

Smev 9722 Twin Gas Hob.

Secure Gas Lockers.

Safe Floor Vent for heaver than air gas.

Touch screen media head unit.


Ply lining Volkswagen Camper Van Conversion

Altro Contrax Rear Cut Floor – recycled plastic.

Premium Gold Underfloor Insulation 

Rock and roll 3/4 Bed.

M1 tested seat belted seats.

Slimline scissor hinge pop top.

Seargent PMS power management service

Duralite split charger power inverter.

WAECO Dometic CRX50 Compressor Fridge.


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